Joblio   Buffalo, NY   Full-time     Mechanic/Technician
Posted on November 3, 2023

Job Category: Maintenance

Contract Type: Full-Time

Duration: Permanent

Location: USA, New York state.

Salary: $18 - $22 per hour gross. However, depending on experience, that could be increased.

Schedule: 8 hours per day



Service technicians utilize their technical skills to perform maintenance and repairs for our internal, fleet and customer vehicles. This work is to be done in a professional, timely manner, following all industry safety procedures, while ensuring quality repairs at a fair cost to the customer.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Be at your dispatch desk 5 minutes before shift, dressed and prepared to begin the day.
  • Receive work from dispatch or service desk and pull in vehicles in a timely manner.
  • Perform the West Herr Multipoint inspection on EVERY vehicle when first pulled into the service bay, with the NYSI date and maintenance due filled in the appropriate areas. Note any preexisting damage if not already noted.
  • Prepare all estimates for necessary repairs and recommendations quickly using ASR online tool.
  • Submit ASR and monitor for updates. Continue repairs on current vehicle or seek out another vehicle if progress has been stopped.
  • Keep work area (service bay), and surrounding areas clean and free of fluids, dirt and debris.
  • Regularly give status updates on current vehicle to advisor and team leader.
  • Keep up to date and knowledgeable about current manufacturer recall procedures, any new shop equipment, as well as all dealership processes and procedures.
  • Follow all manufacturer policies and procedures in time keeping, repair order processing and strategy-based diagnostics.
  • When writing up used vehicle estimates, the entire ASR MUST be filled out with the reasons behind the recommendations and ALL measurements completed.
  • Make certain that vehicles are returned to customers in a minimum of the same condition that they came in (Radio stations, clock, cleanliness, seat position)
  • All vehicles are to be test driven before and after repairs/maintenance in order to ensure proper repair and diagnosis, as long as the vehicle is safe to drive. Make sure to accurately document actual mileage in and out.
  • When vehicles are completed, lock vehicle, return to service desk and mark vehicle parking location.
  • Maintain manufacturer customer service and Fix it Right the First time Index ratings at least comparable to that of the Green standard rating.
  • Understand and follow federal, state and local regulations, such as those governing the disposal of hazardous wastes, NYS Inspection regulations, etc…
  • Communicate carry over work with team leader and service advisor prior to end of shift.
  • Advise management of any broken, damaged or faulty equipment as soon as it is noticed.
  • Respect company equipment and property as well as coworkers tools, toolboxes, carts and work areas. Treat all coworkers in all departments with respect and courtesy.
  • Achieve and maintain manufacturer certifications and competency requirements.
  • Maintain an acceptable driving record.


  • Relevant experience in the field.
  • Legal authorization to work in the U.S.

Required documents:

  • International passport
  • Visa to USA
  • Work permit in USA

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