Brickl Bros   West Salem, WI   Full-time     Construction / Physical Labor / Skilled Trades
Posted on July 7, 2024

Junior Carpenter can perform assigned duties and tasks as directed to effectively construct, erect, and repair, wood and or steel structures with the supervision and guidance of the Foreman or Senior Carpenter. Knowledge Skills and Abilities at a level greater than a Junior Carpenter, but less than a Lead Carpenter, may need direction and supervision to perform more advanced carpentry skills. Able to work with a crew
on the construction of projects located outdoors or inside buildings.

1. Contact the General Superintendent to review daily schedules and inform them of any tardiness, illness, or injury
as soon as possible.
2. Arrive at the assigned worksite on time, ready and capable of performing required assignments.
3. Follow directions of the Senior Carpenter and/or Foreman and carry out assigned tasks.
4. Retain knowledge learned on each project and apply learned techniques to future projects.
5. Project a professional image always with customers, vendors, subcontractors, visitors, and fellow employees
6. Follow established safety rules and regulations to maintain a safe, clean working environment.
7. Follow Brickl Bros. Inc. code of conduct as listed in the employee handbook.
8. Carry out verbal and written instructions in a productive manner.
9. Organize assigned tasks, for completion.
10. Participate in all company sponsored training and meetings as required.
11. Work effectively with assigned crew on all construction projects.
12. Climb ladders and or work at various heights up to sixty feet effectively.
13. Assemble wood and or steel construction components in the construction of buildings, in a productive and
accurate manner.
14. Read and interpret basic measuring devices to measure, mark, shape, and cut to specifications construction
material using hand tools, and machines or power tools.
15. Ensure proper use, care, and maintenance of all company-owned equipment.

16. All other duties as assigned.